I want to be an officer

Did you come home last night? No.
What you and I have makes me free.
I wanna take care of you.

Happy 21st Birthday, Cameron Monaghan! (August 16, 1993)

I’m gonna deck that little bitch.


“You love me and you’re gay.” - Frank The Plumber

This scene held so much for me. When it first aired many were up in arms over the physicality that was brought into play. I understand, I mean I don’t want to see my favorite couple and characters beating each other up—but the emotions and metaphors put behind everything that went down in this scene took a far higher precedence for me than the actual fight. A brilliant performance from Noel, this never seemed like Mickey way trying to beat Ian up to me. It always seemed like he was trying to beat up himself.

Top 9 Mickey Milkovich Moments